How to upgrade Bluetooth of AeroTwist

Bluetooth Update procedure:


Here are the critical system requirement for the software update.

  • Windows ( If you run Vista you may need to install an additional package to recognise the USB device contact us if any issues.)
  • USB port on your computer.
  • CSR DFU Wizard you can download here.*

Note that the file name must have the following extension .dfu. The system will not recognise the file if it is named differently. The name of the file has not impact on this process.

Step 1 – Get your AeroTwist Ready for update

For the steps of performing USB firmware update for MCU.

  • Turn the AeroTwist On by pressing the power button.
  • Using the USB cable, connect AeroTwist to the Computer running Windows. (Below an example of the USB Cable)

  • Press and hold at the same time the Minus and the Power button for 3 seconds.
  • On your Windows Computer you will see an addition to your USB devices.
  • If you see a new device added to your Windows computer USB. Congratulations, your AeroTwist is now connected to your computer and ready to be updated.
  • If you have issues please contact your reseller or contact us from our contact page

Step 2 – Update AeroTwist Bluetooth

  • Make sure you have all the software tools for the upgrade. See the note above for more details.
  • Install CSR DFU wizard
  • Download the firmware update file and save it on your Desktop. Note, the file extension in this case is .dfu.
  • On your computer go to Start menu and then Programs, there you will find the CSR DFU wizard. Click to Open. You will have the image as below


  • Press Next to continue the wizard.


  • If not already selected Choose USB from the list


  • If you managed to get here without any problems it means that you connected your AeroTwist correctly. From the list choose “Download a new version of the firmware, without first saving a copy of the current version an click Next.


  • Click on Browse to select the .dfu that you just saved on the desktop. Note the name of the file is not relevant in this case but what is important is the extension.


  • Select the dfu file from the list and press select.


  • Press Next to start the upload.


  • It will take about 2 minutes to finish the update.


If you have the above screen the update was successful and the AeroTwist will restart automatically. You can now disconnect the USB cable form both you computer and AeroTwist.

If you have issues at this stage then repeat Step 1 from the beginning.


Know update failures

Possible solutions
AeroTwist is not upgrading
  • Make sure you are using Windows.
  • Make sure the file has the correct extension .dfu
  • Make sure you are following the procedure correctly.

Note: Jarre Technologies declines any responsibility on any malfunctioning due by third party software.

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