AeroSkull HD+

Version Release note Release date Type
1.4.6 Fixes an issue where the volume would sometimes go up or down without the user’s control using certain applications in Bluetooth Jan. 9, 2017 Full System Download
1.4.5 Fixes an issue where noise could be heard from the speaker in Standby mode Sept. 21, 2016 Full System
1.4.4 Jingles can now be disabled by holding the + and – buttons in Standby mode
The Firmware update software can now run on Windows 8 and 10, and 64-bits computers
Fixed an issue where the end of the jingles could be cut short
Fixed an issue where the playback from the Line-in input could be heard before the power on jingle
Fixed an issue where the connection to the phone would be lost when used in True Wireless mode
May 13, 2016 Full System

Website: DrivePro