Music has always been the fusion of art and technology, walking side by side, taking each other for new revolutions. Like an artisan, our mission is to create the best instrument, to offer as much as possible the most unique and creative speakers, powered by beauty, inside and outside.

Art and technology also share the same values: they have no rules, no guidelines, no limitations.

That is exactly the philosophy of AeroSystem. We don’t enter in any box; we can be compared, but we are not like others. We don’t listen to rules; we are versatile and unpredictable. Do you know why? Because passion and emotion are what drives AeroSystem.

Our own guideline is to be like dreams. Dreams created by the unconscious, this is how we are, we are not rational, we have no limits.

Our Creations speak directly to the unconscious. If you like them or don’t like them, it doesn’t matter, in any case, they create emotion and that’s the most important. It’s not a question of beauty. It’s a question of feeling.

We talk to people who understand that pleasing everyone is to please anyone, those who follow their emotions and not those who listen to others.

We are not doing Speakers, we are not doing Design, we are not doing Art, we are not conventional, we are not polite or politicly correct, we have no colors, we have no country, no sex, no age, no barrier.

“Creativity is endless, we go beyong limits and challenges, always looking for perfection, to bring a magical experience to our customers. “

If you share these values, that mean that you are driven by your dreams. Welcome to the family.

Our History

The incredible success-story of AeroSystem started in 2005, when two friends, with a passion for Music and Art, decided to collaborate to create the product that no one else had done before. One of them was Jean-Michel Jarre, the famous French producer, considered internationally as the pioneer of Electronic music. The other one was Roland Caville, an art-lover and talented businessman with many successes.

With philosophy as a guideline, they wanted to bring Art from the museum to the house and rise to the challenge of creating a cutting-edge technological lifestyle product, which embodies contemporary style, simplicity, and ultimate performance.

In 2010, after five years of intensive work with the most talented Sound Engineers, the AeroSystem One® was born. In a matter of a few months, the AeroSystem One® traveled around the world and made the first page of newspapers from New-York to Tokyo.  Immediately adopted by famous artists such as Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel designer and by ambassadors of the music industry. Both Lifestylers and audiophiles recognized AeroSystem One® as the product that breaks with tradition. The challenge for these friends has been set!

Once they made their dream work of art, they did not stop challenging themselves, but now separately, Jean-Michel Jarre is working on a new album and Roland Caville, true to himself, has goals to make an Art-lovers dream, creating a world of emotion, where works of art generate curiosity, wonder, and passion.

The brand AeroSystem, in memory of this first collaboration is now replacing Jarre Technology. Promising to unite the past and the future, by creating products respecting Art cultural heritage while bringing users to the third millennium with unbelievable features.

As many did it before you, test the product, fall in love and be part of the family.

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